Transformative Loving:
Support in deepening the journey of your relationship

Couples Council
Level 1 Workshop

We believe that the foundation of all strong relationships lies in the ability to communicate well. Sometimes though when we are “in it” we need allies. In this weekend workshop, in addition to learning powerful communication tools, you will be asked to tune into the “spiritual presence” of your relationship. We belief this is a third energy that gets created when two people come together in love.

Shadow Work for Couples
Level 2 Workshop

Once you have a regular practice of heartfelt communication and sitting in Council together, we invite you to dive deeper into relationship as a spiritual growth path. We offer a special weekend in Shadow Work® just for couples who want to experience profound work together. When you can understand and witness your partner in moving through some of his or her deep healing, it gives you a greater respect, understanding and compassion for this person you love.

Couples Initiation
Level 3 Workshop

After Council and Shadow Work® what is next? We call this last trio of our trainings – Couples Initiation. This is an experience in bringing a greater level of Spirit and Ceremony into your committed relationship. As part of this workshop, we will have extended alone time on the land in Nature to gain perspective on a question or theme that may be arising in your partnership. We will integrate aspects of Council and Shadow Work into this weekend as well, and you will have an opportunity to create a new “blessing statement” for your relationship that you may choose to enact in ceremony with the group.