Growing our souls towards our full potential

Shadow Work®

Shadow Work® is a specific process of reworking the stories and painful dynamics that can run our lives when we are unaware of them. Shadow Work® opens us up to greater freedom, power, love and growth.

Couples Retreats

We believe that walking the path of relationship is a personal and spiritual growth path. Because our wounding took place in relationship, there is also an opportunity for conscious healing in intimate relationships.

Group Workshops

We all have certain needs that are sometimes challenging to meet in our fast paced lives. If your soul’s longing has taken a back seat to everyday demands, come and reclaim yourself in a supportive community!

Coaching & Sessions

There are times when we all need greater perspective and support on our path. One-on-one and couples coaching can give you greater clarity, awareness and help you live the juicy life you’ve always wanted!


This work is so powerful! Jeannie and Mark have an amazing gift in facilitating Shadow Work®. I felt like I was given a fertile and sacred space to explore my fears and dreams and as a result left feeling so empowered and supported deep in my soul. I felt stuck in many areas and the new perspective Jeannie and Mark offered for me to embody and experience cracked open a new vision. It is like time travel. Replaying and repairing the past then propelling into the future where I could play out an experience of success. Working this out in the group so skillfully navigated really inspired me to take big leaps in my own life and launch my own business. I love this work!

– Macy M., Denver,Colorado