Group Workshops – Community as Healing Vessel

Nature & Soul

Nature and Soul Workshops are an opportunity to connect with nature within and without and explore our relationship to the teaching that nature provides. In ceremony, we have an opportunity to mark an important change, external or internal, as people have done for centuries in cultures living closer to the earth than most of us do now. If we go back far enough, we all have these indigenous roots and ways of knowing that are based in the natural rhythms.

Council Trainings

In Council, we move out of everyday speaking and into communication as a sacred practice. We slow down to give important to the presence of others. We bring intention and honoring to our listening, and communication becomes a healing modality. Our oldest ways of speaking and listening were based in storytelling around a fire. Modern day Council finds its way into a variety of settings including schools, prisons, organizations, families, churches and communities. To engage in a Council Training is to follow a desire to bring Council into your community.