Shadow Work®- Finding freedom from limitations

“This work is so powerful! Jeannie and Mark have an amazing gift in facilitating Shadow Work®. I felt like I was given a fertile and sacred space to explore my fears and dreams and as a result left feeling so empowered and supported deep in my soul. I felt stuck in many areas and the new perspective Jeannie and Mark offered for me to embody and experience cracked open a new vision. It is like time travel. Replaying and repairing the past then propelling into the future where I could play out an experience of success. Working this out in the group so skillfully navigated really inspired me to take big leaps in my own life and launch my own business. I love this work!”

– Macy M., Denver,Colorado

“My experience of Mark and Jeannie’s facilitation at the Shadow Work™ weekend was extraordinary. The process was emotionally cleansing for me as I reconnected with lost parts of myself. I felt so safe, supported and nurtured through the entire process. As my heart opened up, I felt loved, seen and held. I was able to bless and comfort a young part of me.

 As I watched Mark and Jeannie facilitate other folks in the workshop, I got an even deeper glimpse into the depths and care to which they go.  Their attunement to the participants was unlike any other facilitation I have ever witnessed, and I have experienced a vast array of skillful facilitation in men’s work and other coed circles.

Mark and Jeannie truly do offer exquisite skill and generous presence. I left the weekend feeling transformed, clearer and supported in a deep way. I recommend them with complete and utter respect and gratitude.”

-David L. – Denver, Colorado

Shadow Work® in Colorado

Shadow Work® in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. Shadow Work® is a process to bring your authentic self out of “shadow” and into the light. In a Shadow Work® weekend, you have the opportunity to claim something you want in your life, look at what is stopping you, and “rework” those elements of your story with compassion to transform them. We can work with any area of your life where you would like to have a breakthrough: money, career, love, healing, and personal empowerment. We support you in working to clear the blocks you want to transform.

Shadow Work® is practical and soulful. In other words, it works at a deep and experiential level that doesn’t “transcend”, but rather helps you to integrate and reincorporate all of who you are. It helps you deepen in yourself, giving you the opportunity to claim your whole self – and then act in your life in a more balanced, powerful way.

Shadow Work® is based on a set of facilitated processes that allow you to explore and rework almost any behavior pattern or stuck place. One of the unique aspects of Shadow Work® is that it creates safety by being “participant led”. As a participant, you will be asked what you want to have happen, and presented with choices throughout the process. The results is a co-created experience in which the participant leaves feeling empowered and at choice. We believe this co-created experience results in changes that last over time.

Shadow Work® was created and refined over several decades by Cliff Barry, who has synthesized ancient and modern tools to create a holistic map of human growth and transformation. We utilize a four directional approach working with the four major archetypes of Lover, Warrior, Magician and Sovereign to create a balanced approach to our work.

If you would like to learn more about Shadow Work® please watch this youtube audio at Shadow Work Video Mark and Jeannie.

Jeannie and Mark Daly-Gunter are certified Shadow Work® facilitators and coaches.  We trained for several years to be able to create these extraordinary weekend workshops and we are fully dedicated to your growth and healing.

The Shadow Work weekend is most appropriate for people who have a strong foundation of personal/spiritual growth work and are ready to take a deeper look at their blocks and experience breakthroughs in a supportive, community container.

We provide Shadow Work® Workshops in Boulder and Denver, Colorado.

Please email us at for details.

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Shadow Work® Weekend February 7-9, 2020

Limited to 10 participants

Friday 5-9pm, Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday 9am-4pm

Please call Jeannie if you have any questions. 303 653-3097



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February 7, 2020
5:00 PM
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February 9, 2020
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