Couples Shadow Workshops
Supporting your partnership in deeper healing


“Over the past twelve years I’ve had the opportunity to explore shadow work through a number of programs and workshops. While not a shadow work facilitator myself, I have been fortunate to have worked with some of the best and it has benefited me greatly. I can comfortably include Mark and Jeannie in that group of skilled shadow workers. Their commitment to and passion for shadow work is evident. Mark and Jeannie are particularly focused on shadow work with couples and they provided a safe and supporting container for my wife and I when we worked with them in 2014. We both look forward to attending their future shadow circles this year. “

– J.D. and MaryAnn, Denver, CO

Couples Shadow Workshops
Level 2 Workshop

Once you have a regular practice of heartfelt communication and sitting in Council together, we invite you to dive deeper into relationship as a spiritual growth path. We offer a special weekend called Couples Shadow Workshop, just for couples who want to experience profound work together. When you can understand and witness your partner in moving through some of his or her deep healing, it gives you a greater respect, understanding and compassion for this person you love.

In addition participants having an opportunity to do a piece of their own center work, we will also present an introduction to what Voice Dialogue calls “Bonding Patterns.” Negative bonding patterns are the habitual patterns that couples fall into around their breakdowns. In bonding patterns, we go back and forth between playing the role of “child” and “parent” in a way that re-wounds or injures ourselves and our partners. Once you have been introduced to bonding patterns, you won’t see your breakdowns the same way again!

One of the reasons that the Couples Shadow Workshop is such a safe place is because all of the processes we do are in what we call a symbolic container. For that reason, we ask that couples do not play roles in each others’ center work. A part can quickly change and we don’t want a love partner playing the role of “bad dad”. That might be too close to a dynamic that is going on in the actual relationship and the container would no longer be symbolic, it could have real world consequences.

Another way we keep safety in the couples container is that we check in with both partners and make sure that it is OK if the partner working asks the other to leave at any time. Again, some things are too close to home and we want you to feel safe asking for what you need.

We will also have an opportunity to do some check-in Councils about relationships so that people have a chance to share what they are working on as a couple in the container. If you have any questions about whether or not this is the right container for you, please contact us.

Please note that Couples Council is a prerequisite for participating in the Couples Shadow Workshop.

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