Coaching and Sessions:
Tailored to Support you in your Soul’s Unfolding

Sometimes a supportive ear, a skilled observer and an ally is what we need to help us get past a hurdle, face a block and reach that spiritual or practical “win” we have been working towards. We offer several different kinds of personal, spiritual and professional coaching and sessions, all tailored to your specific need and goals.

Leadership Coaching

Need support as a leader or entrepreneur? Jeannie has been coaching leaders for over ten years in creating results and stepping into more emotionally intelligent leadership.

Shadow Coaching

A Shadow Coaching session allows you to dive in to sensitive issues in the safety of a one-on-one coaching relationship.

Voice Dialogue

Sometimes we don’t realize that we have many “selves” that may be at play in any given situation.

Couples Coaching

We believe that the work of couples is sacred work. The container of a committed relationship creates an opportunity for us to do our unfinished relationship work – and it can be intense

Spiritual Response Therapy

SRT is a spiritual healing modality that works to clear blocks, stagnant energy, subconscious beliefs and past life trauma that might be interfering with your current life goals and experience.

Medicine Walks

Many of us have our most profound sense of connection to Spirit in Nature. A guided medicine walk in nature gives you an opportunity to see and hear yourself reflected in the greatest teacher of all – the Natural World.