How people have been impacted by our work

This work is so powerful! Jeannie and Mark have an amazing gift in facilitating Shadow Work®. I felt like I was given a fertile and sacred space to explore my fears and dreams and as a result left feeling so empowered and supported deep in my soul. I felt stuck in many areas and the new perspective Jeannie and Mark offered for me to embody and experience cracked open a new vision. It is like time travel. Replaying and repairing the past then propelling into the future where I could play out an experience of success. Working this out in the group so skillfully navigated really inspired me to take big leaps in my own life and launch my own business. I love this work!

– Macy M., Denver,Colorado

“Jeannie and Mark are amazing facilitators who are able to gently guide participants in a loving and productive manner. They listen from the heart and respect where each individual is at in their journey. I highly recommend their individual and group work.”

-Kenny, A., Ventura, CA

I love sitting in Council with Jeannie. I always feel like the container is held so beautifully and how Council practice works is clearly explained. My favorite part is the heartfelt invitation to share what is most alive in me in a place where I can be heard and witnessed and to offer the same gift to others! I always leave feeling clearer, more connected to those in the circle, and gifted by the sacred space to share my truth.

– Jen S. Boulder, CO

Jeannie is the only person I trust to work with me and my team. She has coached and advised me create and integrate a holistic model of what it means to be a team including practicing a more empowering way of communicating with my employees. In supporting my growth as a leader, all areas of my life have been impacted. I highly value Jeannie’s insight, commitment and integrity.

– Vanessa V., Virginia

“Just a quick update on our last Shadow Work process. I am always amazed at how doing personal work just spills into everything. The decision making process was really my issue. I know I have always struggled with trusting my decision-making ability. Thanks to the work we did, I have confidence in the decision I was needing to make (and other decisions I have made) WOW! What I received from the shadow work was the healing of my inner child and then the awareness that my decisions are enough. They don’t have to be right or perfect they just need to be made. Thanks again for creating this space and the safety I needed to do my work.”

– Jill D., Denver, CO

“I’ve had a block to being in my body since I can remember. It was like I had resistance to being fully here physically. I did one SRT session with Jeannie and she was able to uncover some blocks that I developed a child and release those. I could feel the energy shift immediately. It felt tingly, and for the first time I felt present, really here. I am grateful for this work – it might seem a little “out there,” but there is a lot of healing that is available through SRT that I haven’t been able to get through other modalities.”

– Adriana, Houston, TX

I’ve been struggling for over two decades with an issue that I revisited many times during my personal development work journey. While working with Mark and Jeannie in the container that they co-created I was able to recognize a piece that had been missing all of these years and have finally made peace within myself around that issue. With a new clarity and direction I’m finding that certain events in my life are no longer a struggle and my path is clear. Mark and Jeannie are a wonderful, dynamic couple—both deeply soulful and loving beings. Together they bring a wonderful balance of masculine and feminine, warrior, sovereign, lover and magician, tenderness and strong edge and are very open as learners all the while. I trust Mark and Jeannie completely and highly recommend them!

– Tom L., Denver, CO

“Over the past twelve years I’ve had the opportunity to explore shadow work through a number of programs and workshops. While not a shadow work facilitator myself, I have been fortunate to have worked with some of the best and it has benefited me greatly. I can comfortably include Mark and Jeannie in that group of skilled shadow workers. Their commitment to and passion for shadow work is evident. Mark and Jeannie are particularly focused on shadow work with couples and they provided a safe and supporting container for my wife and I when we worked with them in 2014. We both look forward to attending their future shadow circles this year. “

– J.D. and MaryAnn, Denver, CO

“I had the pleasure of working with Jeannie recently for my first “Voice Dialogue” session. I found it to be very helpful. I loved the process and was very impressed with the skill and care that Jeannie showed throughout the session.
I was a bit timid going into the session, not knowing if I would be able to open up to this new way of talking with myself. Once we got going it was great, I uncovered a couple things about myself that helped soften a heavy issue for me. I now can see this side of me in a new refreshed, healthier way. I have gained new tools to use when this issue comes up again in my life. And in a way I feel like I have re-written part of my life experience to reflect the healthier side of the situation. And in so doing, I am not as attached to the turmoil that was cycling through me daily about this situation.
I feel like I am able to honor myself in a more complete way then I did before I had the Voice Dialogue session. I have more peace and am excited to take other issues I am having through this insightful process. “

– Cathy, A. Olympia, WA

I’m still working with the SRT experience I had with Jeannie about a month ago. During the session there were places where I literally got goose bumps with the insights into my experience. The most powerful aspect has been the invitation to examine how my conscious beliefs impact my day-to-day experience. The question I’m now tending now is: How can I choose to see my life, my self, differently and transform places where I’m stuck? It felt like the reading created a map of my life at this time – where I’ve been, what I’m able to release at this point, and what the next steps are for deeply thriving.

– Jen S. Boulder, CO