Shadow Coaching: When you are committed to Transformation


“Just a quick update on our last Shadow Work process. I am always amazed at how doing personal work just spills into everything. The decision making process was really my issue. I know I have always struggled with trusting my decision-making ability. Thanks to the work we did, I have confidence in the decision I was needing to make (and other decisions I have made) WOW! What I received from the shadow work was the healing of my inner child and then the awareness that my decisions are enough. They don’t have to be right or perfect they just need to be made. Thanks again for creating this space and the safety I needed to do my work.”

– Jill D., Denver, CO

Embrace your Shadow,
Embrace your Light

What is Shadow Coaching?

Shadow Coaching works with uncovering the hidden blocks that are keeping you from your goals. Sometimes we have blind spots that we can’t see clearly, or the same pattern keeps us stuck over and over again. Shadow Coaching can help you see where these patterns are sourced and transform them. Shadow coaching sessions can help to create awareness and peel back the layers of the onions that need to be looked at in ongoing personal and spiritual growth. During a coaching session this can happen in your own way, in your own time.

The four archetypes we work with in Shadow coaching are:

Magician – The magician energy helps us to gain perspective and see things in a new way. Part of the magician energy also helps us to feel safe and to see a variety of choices. The magician is a great ally in shadow work because it helps us to change our frame of reference in our story. This is some of the most powerful work we can do – to have the courage to see things differently. The magician also helps us with the insight of intuition, wisdom and objectivity. The wounding message in the place of the Magician that we may have received as a child is “I’m bad.”

Lover – The lover energy helps us to get in our bodies and feel what is actually happening. In the past, we may have shut down this energy because it can be frightening to feel raw and vulnerable. The benefit to Shadow coaching and the lover energy is that there is all the space needed for this lover energy to express the full spectrum of emotions as the participant safely experiences the coaching process. Often times the lover needs support and this is the perfect time to create a scenario where the little one can hear all of the messages s/he needed to hear but never got. The wounding message in the lover quadrant is “I don’t love right” or “I am not lovable.”

Warrior – The warrior energy helps us set clear boundaries and take action. In some of the scenes we work with in Shadow coaching there may have been instances where the coachee can see that they didn’t say “no” and take care of their own needs. Or it may be that the “bad guy” in the scene needs to leave. In the coaching process there is an opportunity to rework the scenario, create a boundary and even do anger work if necessary. The wounding message in the warrior quadrant is some version of “I don’t exist without you” or “I am not important.”

Sovereign – The sovereign energy is like the sun; bright, optimistic and shiny. The sovereign is about giving blessing and nurturing. Many of us have sovereign wounding because growing up our parent(s) were the sovereigns in our lives. We often put parents on pedestals when we are little and if something happens like divorce or arguing, we think it is our fault because our parents are often our heroes, no matter how dysfunctional they were. In a coaching session we can reclaim our own sovereign energy, and then bless ourselves. The wounding message in the sovereign quadrant is “You are not good enough.”

What does a Shadow Coaching session look like?

A shadow coaching session will look different depending on what you want to work on. We will start by talking about what you want to have happen. Often there is a theme that you might be working with in your life or a block that is stopping you or a place that you want healed. We will name this in the positive to focus on what you want. For example: to feel more power, to be at peace, to feel more freedom, to have more self-acceptance.

Next we will ask what is in the way of what you want? We will begin to characterize different pieces of your inner story outside of yourself to bring your Magician on line to see what the patterns are that are playing out in your life.

The next piece is that we ask you – given what you want to have happen (peace, joy, freedom, power) what needs to happen in this scene so that you can get that? Then we will do a piece of work in one of the four quadrants.

At the end of the process you will be in a new energy and will have the opportunity to create an affirmation to anchor the process and the energy.

The shadow coaching is a powerful process for you to get the individualized attention you need to move through your blocks and into more full self expression.